Top Tips to Convince Your Bestie to Come Out

If you're struggling to convince your bestie to join you for a night out and party, but they're in bed scrolling on TikTok, being unsociable... what do you do? Here are some strategies to get them out of bed, turn on their straightener, and get their lash glue out.

Will Work:

  • Incite FOMO: Play loud music, show them the cute outfit you're going to wear, and tell them which club you're heading to and what the plans are.

Almost Always Works:

  • Incentive: Tell them who's going out, like their crush, or about Happy Hour... cheap drinks are too good to turn down. Tell them they look amazing, like, "something's different about you and the world has to see it, babes!"
  • Compromise: Suggest, "Why don't you come for at least pre-drinks? You don't even have to come to the event then." This way, they're already halfway there, and it will be easy to convince them to stay out longer.

If You're Getting Desperate:

  • Bring up their ex: Tell them that in order to get over them, they need to meet someone new and exciting who they COULD meet tonight if they go out with you.
  • Drinks on me: Detrimental to your bank account, but on the other hand, it could be detrimental to your mental health if they won't come out and have fun tonight, so choose your hardship in this situation.

Won't Work:

  • Aggressive tactics: Never threaten to cut your friend off if they don’t want to go out with you; there's no point in taking it personally, it's on them.
  • Don’t get too pushy: If your friend is politely telling you they can't party tonight because they have end-of-semester exams the next day, don't make them feel bad about it.

If all else fails, use this simple motivational sentence...

"DO IT FOR THE PLOT." It will put your friend right into the storyline because who really wants to be left out of a possible epic night out... the night you might meet THE ONE... the night you’ll laugh about in twenty years, the photo ops to slay your social media with? So in the end, if you manage to get into their head by creating a sense of FOMO, they will 95% turn their cute butt around and get psyched for a fun night ahead.

Your bestie will be out of those sorry bedsheets and into her heels, makeup brushes in hand, 818 Tequila shots being poured, music turned up loud for the neighbours to enjoy, and an Uber waiting out front.

Now your hardest decision is picking which event to hit up... lucky iRock have plenty to choose from. See them all here.